Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will become mainstream

Posted on Thursday, January 18th, 2018 by Ronja Slierendrecht

2018 the year of data

Smart machines and applications are becoming a daily phenomenon. They help us work faster and make more accurate decisions.

Research shows that more than 75 percent of all businesses are investing in Big Data and they predict that the role of AI and Machine Learning will increase this year. It’s no longer experimentation or ‘just for early adaptors’, it’s a business-critical technology that can be used in every industry. Think of Amazon reshaping the retail industry, AI-powered trading for stockbrokers and healthcare innovation such as algorithms that can detect strokes.

Why is Machine Learning changing industries now?

The necessary computer processes are more efficient, cost-effective and reliable. Therefore it becomes interesting for every industry because there is less risk in experimenting with the technologies. The cloud computing offers organizations scalability, safety and power and that’s when machine learning becomes mainstream.

Gartner predicts smart machines will be mainstream in 2021 but we think that 2018 will already be the year that companies will transform their way of work and become (more) automated and data driven. Simply because it’s hard not to see the advantages of using Machine Learning and AI. If you check the top 3 biggest companies in your industry you’ll see that they have embraced the digital transformation and use those techniques. It’s the scalability of the cloud that makes it possible, for every company, to drive bigger and bolder approaches to Machine Learning and even create their own models. Gartner expects that cloud services like Microsoft Azure and those from other big companies will introduce more and more Machine Learning environments and API- services this year. These services will enable all kinds of companies (big and small)  to rapidly integrate these new techniques.

Do you think 2018 will be the year that AI and Machine Learning become mainstream?

Check the Gartner research report here and let us know how you think innovation will affect the economy!